Whether building business leadership, driving change, developing core business values, creating quality work environments, educating employees, establishing policies or promoting customer service, The Champion Services Group, Inc. provides a level of superior service that enhances competitiveness in today’s global marketplace. The Champion Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is a unique Human Resources and Management Consulting Firm that is local, regional, national and international in scope. CSG is passionate about teaming with clients to collaborate and customize human resource solutions. CSG is diverse in its thinking and process execution, as well as quality driven, customer focused and cost-effective. CSG’s philosophy is driven by our desire to help clients achieve organizational success. We are able to support clients by creating effective working relationships through the successful integration of business strategies and people. The Champion Services Group understands that solid people management practices are more than just the right thing to do; they are the foundation of good business for companies, employees, customers and shareholders.